• The enchanting atmosphere of our land

From the sea of Cesenatico to the hills of the surrounding countryside

Not far from the Nido, lots of wonders to be admired and delicious food to enjoy.

Fully-equipped beaches and areas rich in history. In Cesenatico, you can cool off summer nights by dancing on the sand, or walk along the pier at sunset, dining in one of the traditional restaurants along the canal harbour. If on the other hand you prefer exploring small towns and villages, the Romagna countryside has plenty of suggestive corners and breath-taking scenery in store for you.


Charming and characteristic, the harbour is the beating heart of Cesenatico, a place where seafaring traditions also encounter the desire to have fun. A walk along the canal harbour is not to be missed, not even for the locals. Here you will find lots of restaurants where, besides excellent seafood cuisine, you can enjoy a unique view of the town.

Points of interest in Cesenatico



Cesenatico is full of gastronomic events where fish plays leads role. Not-to-be-missed chances of enjoying traditional dishes: Grande Rustida dei Pescatori (14 August), Il pesce fa festa (between October and November), Azzurro come il pesce (late March).


The heart of Cesenatico is the Canal Harbour, commissioned by Cesare Borgia and designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1502. Along the harbour are important monuments and places: Piazza Pisacane with the Giuseppe Garibaldi monument, the fishery, dating back to the early-20th century, the suggestive Piazza delle Conserve, the remains of the original quays on piles.


Cesenatico is a theatre of events conceived for people of all ages and all tastes. Aperitifs on the beach, street bars, live music, dj Set.
This town maintains alive the memory of traditions tied to the sea and its history: every year, in the first weekend of August, the Palio della Cuccagna is staged in the evening on the harbour waters and the procession of “garibaldini” with laying of laurel wreath and boat excursion.

Magic for the eyes and palate

The Cesenatico countryside is a suggestive and magic place. Climbing up from the coast into the hills, you find yourself surrounded by nature and the history of those places which recount culture and paint truly fascinating scenes.

Interesting localities for a visit

RAVENNA (30km)    BERTINORO (20km)    LONGIANO (15km)    SANTARCANGELO (15km)    SAN MARINO (30km)


Not far from Cesenatico are suggestive cities, towns and villages in which to spend pleasant moments. From Ravenna with its mosaics and 8 buildings declared World Heritage Sites by the Unesco to other characteristic towns such as Longiano, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Bertinoro and San Marino. Art, culture but also shopping in quaint little stores and fashion outlets, fun and good food with village fetes and tastings.


In just one day, you will have the privilege of crossing two thousand years of history, amid the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna and unforgettable monuments like the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia or Santa Apollinare in Classe.

At Santarcangelo, a delightful medieval town, you can visit the Tufa Caves or the Parish Church of San Michele, the Campanone or the Rocca Malatestiana.


Tasting is most definitely the best way to get to know a land. Strictly tied to the district, local products included the best wine and food fare available, often rarities produced by small farmers and presented by the most attentive caterers. If you come to Romagna to have fun and relax, allow yourself some time to taste the traditional produce of this generous land.

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